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nm_techies's Journal

New Mexico Techies
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This is a community for NMT students to yack, be goofy, and just do the stuff that Tech students do. ... Well, the stuff they do in public, that is. (Not that saying that rules very much out.) Got an evil CS course you want to bitch about? Is there an event we should all know about? Wanna recruit for rugby or the gamers club? NMT students and NMT wannabe's are all welcome!

The only rules are:
1.) Don't be vulgar or nasty. I'll look you up in the campus directory and put embarrassing stuff up on your door. ^_^
2.) LJ-cut all images above 300 pixels and really long posts. If you're a techie, you should know how to do this. (HINT: look at the LiveJournal FAQ!)
3.) Have fun and yap all you want. There's no set topic for the community, so you can talk about whatever, whenever!

All questions can be directed to kazoku!